Our mid-sized 10' craps table comfortably
accommodates 11 players here.
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Our Texas hold'em table accommodates 10 players PLUS the
dealer. Premium speed cloth or felt playing surface over volara
padding makes for a real casino quality table. KEM playing cards
are also used...the best in the world, in our opinion.
Our dealers are trained to professionally lay the cards down and
deal just like the real casinos. We use 6 deck dealer shoes so that
you can have more time playing, and less time shuffling like a
single deck game.
Fun and interactive dealers dealing our own homegrown "Utah
21" game with better odds and payouts than the real casinos,
so the players generally win at our tables! We also offer the
Royal Match Bet, the 5 card Charlie, and the True Black Jack
payout. More payouts, more variety, more FUN!
Roulette-6' homestyle tables (7-8 players) or our 8' casino size (8-12 players) tables
provide all the fun in this simple to teach and simple to play, popular casino game.
Players comfortably enjoy their black jack game while sitting
on our heavy duty padded stools provided for them. We also
included these Giant cards and other casino decor for FREE
as part of our casino party services.
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Our Table Games
More player space for your guests to play at! We don't waste
valuable player space with a third dealer (stickman) that is not
necessary at our tables. Our two skilled dealers are professional
and fast!  We would rather provide extra space for two more of
your guests to play at instead of charging for a dealer that basically
just pushes the dice to the players all night long.
Our tables are designed for maximum player participation, not
maximum dealer participation!
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Craps-We offer our 8'er homestyle(8-11 players), 10'er (11-14 players), and 12'er (14-20 players) tables-Your guests will appreciate our table
features such as full perimeter 6" wide drink ledges, chip trays, with premium contemporary felt designs at your casino party. Built for maximum player participation, our tables
provide more player space than any of our competitor's tables, thus guaranteeing you more players per table can play at your casino party.  Our simplified odds system makes it easy
to teach the novice players the basics of th ecraps game at our tables, but still offers great action, odds, and payouts for the more experienced players.
Our fun and interactive dealers will keep your
table entertained while teaching the novice
players the basics of the gameand still
providing the heavy "action" for the more
experienced players.
Premium contemporary felts, chip trays, serialized real casino dice, 11.5
gram regulation weight chips, 6" drink ledges, and silk style table skirting,
chip value and game signs, dice boat, dealer on/off buttons, and rattan
dealer stick are all standard table features and equipment at our craps
Black Jack-We offer both our standard (6-7 player capacity) and Super-Sized Black Jack tables (7-11 player capacity) tables.    
All of our black jack tables are raised to accommodate stools that we provide for the players (the other's make you stand or sit on a chair on a non-raised table). Our full length dense
premium rail padding, contemporary digitized felt design, 6 deck dealer card shoes (allows more hands to be dealt at your party), drink cup holders for player beverages, Utah 21 game table
sign, chip value sign, regulation weight 11.5 gram playing chips, and silk style table skirting are all features included  at our tables.

Our standard size tables are bigger than most of our competitors "only" line of black jack tables, but our Super-Sized Black Jack tables offer 30% more player area providing the most
space of any casino party black jack tables available, accommodating 7-11 players comfortably. Ask them to set up theirs, and then we'll come set up ours!
Have you ever considered hosting a Texas hold'em or Black Jack

We can do this...with all the bells and whistles.

Custom created to fit your group, venue, and time frame, we
always include our Tournament Director, wireless microphone set
up, and 50" screen media package for constant "on-screen"
tournament information.

A professionally managed and run tournament you will be proud
to host!
Our home parties ALWAYS include padded chairs with chair covers as shown. Ask our
competitors if they provide chairs for your party? Or stools? Or anything other than
tables and dealers?

And we ALWAYS personalize the gaming money for your home party for FREE! How much
fun is it to have birthday boy/girl's picture imprinted into a $100 bill that the players
use at your casino.
Texas hold'em-We're all in with our 10 player tables played with our exclusive
bonus payout system that keeps the chips flowing at your table.
Premium digitized felts are provided on our tables
Our 8' table is "casino sized" and provides player space and
colored chip for up to 12 players
Single dealer tables manage the game and provide maximum
player area for your guests.