Our Dealers
We hire entertainers...not dealers. In fact, we prefer our dealers to not be experienced at real casinos, so that we
don't have to break them of their bad habits!  We train them to deal using our exclusive "You're a winner!" style that
incorporates a more simplified to play and learn games at our parties. Anyone can be taught to deal, but not
everyone can be taught to be fun and entertaining!

We take great pride in providing your party with our skilled, interactive, and FUN dealers.

Many have worked for us for years now, and as I always say to them, you are paid to play! And play they do!

There is no substitute for experience. Here are some of our longtime dealers and staff. Our total current staff, has
about 6000 hours of dealing experience at our parties.
100+ parties dealt club
Gilbert-Blackjack master
dealer, but also deals,  
Texas hold'em, 3 Card
Poker, and Ultimate bonus
hold'em. His day job is
working as a debt collection
agent for a major bank
Irving-Deals craps
exclusively.The smiles on his
table say it all! His graveyard
job is working for a Medical
equipment manufacturing
Judy-Roulette master dealer,
Judy also deals blackjack. Be
nice to her, and she just might
throw an extra ball into the
game and play double ball
roulette. Judy's real job is
doing office administration.
Jennifer-She deals every
game that we offer. All ten
of them. She has been
doing casino parties for us
and another Northwest
company for over 10
years now. Her other
job-she delivers
newspapers in the middle
of the night.
80+ parties dealt club
Clark-Master hold'em
dealer, Clark is also skilled
at dealing craps, blackjack,
and all of our specialty
games. During the day,
Clark is a real estate
Robert-Over 4 years with
us now, Robert deals
blackjack.  It is statistically
impossible to lose at his
table. Many have tried!
During his day, he sells
re-built transmissions.
Christina-Also has been
with us for over 4 years now.
She was so good, we hired
her husband Dan, and her
son Paul to also deal with
us. Family fun for sure!
During her day, she takes
reservations for a major
hotel chain through their
800 number.
Tyler-Skilled at both
blackjack and craps dealing
and also acts as Pit Boss at
many of our parties. Tyler
works during the day as a
COO of a foodservice  and
food manufacturing
operation in Salt Lake.
Aaron-Master hold'em
dealer, Aaron is also
skilled at dealing craps.
He is the only dealer to
have dealt a royal flush at
one of our parties. Aaron
sells forklift replacement
parts and repairs during
the day.
50-80 parties dealt club
Blackjack Master dealer,
he also deals craps, and
plays Pit Boss on a
regular basis. Chad is a
5th grade teacher during
his day.
Lisa-If you don't have fun at
Lisa's table, you are either
an alien or a zombie. She
has her own "spin to win"
move at her table.
Rana-Master Roulette dealer,
Rana works as a receiving
agent for a major foodservice
company in Park City.
Teal-Master hold'em dealer,
Teals works for a major
insurance company during
the day.
Kristen-Blackjack dealer
with all the skills. She and
her husband Steve are one
of 5 husband/wife teams that
work with us.
McKenzie-Blackjack and
craps dealer that excels at
soccer, texting, and getting
the boys to her table.
Dan-Blackjack, hold'em,
and specialty game dealer,
Dan works as a
manufacturing engineer
during the day.
Steve-Master Blackjack
dealer, Steve designs fire
sprinkler systems for
industrial settings during
the day.
McKay and Jaynie-One
of our 5 married dealer
teams, these two know how
to run a craps table.
Ryan-Craps dealer, Ryan
also provides delivery and
set-up services for your
More of our FUN dealers
Nate and Richard
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