We put the FUN in FUNDRAISER
Wasatch Casino Parties are a great way to raise money for your non-profit organization or other charitable group.

Our proven system provides the best opportunity for your group to make the most donations for your cause.

Unlike our regular casino parties, the fund raising parties require a plan, volunteers, and considerable pre-event legwork by your group.

Our event coordinator will work closely with you and guide you through the process so that your event is not only successful, but FUN for everyone involved.

Most importantly, our goal is help you generate the maximum amount of revenue for your cause, while providing a
n entertaining casino night that everyone can enjoy.
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Casino Night Fund-raisers are a great way to provide fun and interactive entertainment for your guests while making funds for your group.

Our proven system will show you how to integrate the casino party into your own personalized themed party with many revenue producing sources including;

EVENT TICKET SALES-This will be your best and biggest source of revenue for your group. Try to price your event in the range that a person or couple might pay to go out and have a fun night on the town. We can even provide
casino bonus packages for guests that reserve and purchase their tickets in advance.

SILENT  AND LIVE AUCTIONS-We can provide the wireless PA system, and the emcee if you'd like for auctions that are held throughout your event. Guests are encourage initially and throughout the event to bid on auction spots,
and encouraged by being rewarded with casino money for each bid they make. Their spot is saved at the tables while they are bidding, and they are rewarded upon their return for donating to the cause.

OUR SPINNING PRIZE WHEEL-As guest make a donation to your group( you determine the amount and handle the entire transaction), they are allowed to have a free spin of the prize wheel. They can win anything from prizes
that you donate to casino scrip or special VIP/Bonus Bet/Ace in the Hole cards. No charge to you when you book with us!

CASH GRABBER GAME-Entice guests to donate to your organization, and they get to spend 30 seconds in the Cash Grabber, grabbing all the money they can. We turn all that into casino bucks for play at the tables. Book with us,
and there is no charge to you!

OUR POKER BINGO GAME-For a donation to your group($5,$10, or $20-you choose), each sponsor gets a poker card from a deck. You can only get donations for 52 cards. We use a bingo cage with balls that have every card
in the deck on them to draw with. Throughout the event, we are playing poker bingo and drawing a ball. We call out the ball, and the donor with corresponding card wins a prize(provided by your group).

DEALER TABLE DONATION GAMES-We cleverly place a treasure chest on each table with your name on it. Each game has a special rule that allows the player to donate to your cause at the table, so that our special rule can
be played for that hand, roll, or spin. Players usually win extra during these hands, and you get a donation put into the treasure chest. At the end of the party, we collect the chests and hand them to you for opening and counting the
funds raised for you.
Our 12' Super-Sized craps tables provides spots for 14-18 players
Premium contemporary felt designs and full perimeter drink ledges are provided on all our craps tables.
These SUPER-SIZED TABLES are the largest available in Utah, providing more player area than any of our competitor's tables. We don't use a third dealer(sometimes
called the stick-man) as their function is minimal, they takes up prime real estate at the table, and their job of collecting and pushing the dice to the shooters,can be
accomplished by our two skilled dealers manning the table. By doing this, we provide space for 2-3 more players at the table. Take a look at our
recent party videos, and
you'll see what we mean.

It's pretty simple! Larger tables means more players which means more FUN(and value). We have seen 25 players squeeze around this table for this fun and
entertaining game. We offer the best odds and payouts on the planet at this popular table.