Recent Customer Testimonials

Here is a sampling of comments and feedback we have received from our customers.
We are happy to provide reference's information upon your request, and their permission, to discuss our services of both recent parties, and parties similar in size and scope to your upcoming
We can also make arrangements for you to visit on of our parties so that you can experience us "live", and witness the professionalism and "fun" nature of our Wasatch Casino Party
entertainment services.

Lana-October 2012-12 table casino fundraiser night with a 3 table hold'em tournament included-Thank You so much -Great Event! Will definitely do it again next year.

Stephanie-September 2012-Fundraiser casino night with a 4 table hold'em tournament and a 5 table casino party-Thank you for the wonderful evening! Our guests have never been treated so well and
everyone raved about what a great time they had playing for fun, or for the first time. You will always come highly recommended in our book! Cheers to a great company to work with!

Lara-September 2012- 6 table staff appreciation party-It was awesome!! Your staff was amazing, all of them. I was around Chad mostly and he was great, but I heard good things about all of them! :) I will
touch base next week when my event is over...we want to a tip to all your staff too. Thank you so much!!

Monte-August 2012-5 table James Bond theme birthday celebration. Randy - you and your group did an exceptional job last night for the ***** Event...thank you!  As you had predicted, the gaming tables
quickly filled with guests wanting to game.  I would also like to mention that the custom card order, and poker chips, were a total hit - thank you for arranging so much of this behind the scenes, and for
timely delivery. We will be in touch I am sure with more events in the near future.  Until then - keep'em gaming!

Heather-August 2012-4 table surprise birthday party-I called every single one of your competitors and not only were you the best price, you provided a totally seamless experience in the planning of our
casino night.

Misty-July 2012-23 tables Western Theme casino party-Your customer service was great throughout the entire process and your flexibility with our needs really helped as well.

Sandra January 2012-6 tables plus Mario Kart event game-
The party was a great success.

Michael-January 2012- 7 tables conference party-Thanks for a fun night. Everyone here is so pleased with your service.

George-January 2012-3 table after holiday company party-We used your company last year, but mistakenly called your competitor first this year. I inquired about their cost and availability. Costs were
similar, but because your tables are larger, I would have had to rent an extra table with them to have comparable player capacity.

Myra-December 2011-Everyone had a great time at the party. The dealers were a lot of fun and it seemed the guests enjoyed them. Thanks again!

Colleen-December 2011-13 table holiday party-Thank you so much for the great service at our Christmas party. Your dealers were the best. They made our Christmas party so fun and entertaining.
Enclosed is a tip to your dealers for the wonderful job that they did. When the time rolls around again for another Christmas party, I will be calling you. Thanks again for a wonderful job.

Allison-October 2011-10 table fundraiser casino night-We had a great time and received tons of positive feedback! I would be more than happy to serve as a reference for your company. We have some great
pics of the event on our Facebook page, so please check them out. We hope to see you again next year! Thanks for everything!

Amanda-August 2011 13 table fundraiser casino night plus two event games-You guys made the night and we are so happy!! Thank you for everything and going above and beyond to help us pull this
fundraiser off. If you need any references, please let me know.

Monica July 2011-5 tables plus Kid's black jack table for company summer party-We are definitely doing this again!

Kellie-June 2011-2 Black Jack tables-We have so much fun, we're booking another one in August. We'd like to have Gilbert deal at our party again if possible.

Al-June 2011-3 table plus 2 slot machines home 35th birthday celebration casino party -Great job! Our guests all rated your casino party a 10!

Marissa-June 2011-5 table single day conference casino night-I'm glad we decided to go the whole casino party route instead of just hiring dealers. Your dealers really mad our group have a great
experience, even will all the confusion. Thanks again Randy, UR a lifesaver!

Meghan-April 2011-7 table end of season company party-Thanks again for a great time! You and your staff were great!

Marianne-March 2011-Fundraiser casino night including 8 tables-Last year we did our holiday party with one of your competitors, and he some dealers that were 13 years old. Your dealers were both fun and
professional(and obviously of age). We will be calling you for our holiday party this year.

Brittany and Kyle-January 2011-Company casino night including our 12'Craps table, Roulette, Black Jack, and Texas Hold'em..
You didn't exaggerate about the quality of your tables at all. They are very nice. Everyone we talked to had a great time at their tables. Your dealers are very good at their jobs.

Brandi and Robin-December 2010/Company holiday party including 12 tables plus Mario Kart tournament.
We wanted to thank you for helping us throw another successful and fun company Christmas party. You entertained us in 2009 and since that was such a huge hit, we decided to bring you back in 2010.
We have had even more positive feedback than last year so both times it's been a popular entertainment idea for our party. The casino style games, and the Mario Kart, were a great way for employees to
ming, have fun, and maybe meet other employees they don't normally work with. The professional, yet laid back and unnerving atmosphere was a wonderful way for employees to relax, play, and learn
about the games at the same time. We really appreciate the hard work and look forward to working with you again.

Michelle-December 2010/Company holiday party including 8 tables plus Wii bowling tournament.
I think our party went very well other than I don't think the Wii bowling went over as well as I had hoped. As always, thank you for helping me host another amazing holiday party.

Monica-December 2010/Suprise Birthday Casino Night including Craps, black jack, roulette, and Texas hold'em tables.
Yes! Our party was great. Everyone had a great time and thought it was a super fun party. Amy did a great job, as did everyone else. Thanks!

Jim-October 2010/30' Spook Alley for Resort Halloween Party.
Thanks again, and it was a great event! Glad to hear you are getting some business from our clients. Maya and the crew will be having a post event meeting and as soon as we confirm next year, I'm sure
someone will be contacting you.

Rachelle-October 2010/16 table halloween theme casino party with a 30' spook alley.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Last night’s event was AMAZING!!!!!  You are definitely a creative individual.  Thank you for making the evening a success.  I am happy that the weather wasn’t all
that great so we could do the spook alley inside the way you did.  We had plenty of compliments about the evening. You have made a great impression on everyone!  If ever I do anything with my new
company, I will be sure to look you up! Thanks again, Randy. You definitely made my job MUCH easier!Take care!

Mark-October 2010/10 table fundraiser casino party in conjunction with a 4 table Texas hold'em tournament.
Outstanding Randy! We'll use these in our marketing for next year's event(video vignettes of their event we provided for them). It is fun to continue to hear people talking about what a great night it was.
Based on the response, I can easily seeing us hit the 200+ people next year. We are planning on holding the next event closer to the summer months.

Cabel-October 2010/4 table party for HS homecoming dance, including black jack and roulette tables.
Our "Casino Royale" night was a big hit with the kids. Every table was full all night, and in talking to the kids, they thoroughly enjoyed the games. We will definitely do this again, and use your company.

Christine-Sept. 2010/10 table fundraiser event with craps, black jack, Texas hold'em, and roulette tables.
Randy- Just a quick email to say how much I appreciated your support & amazing skills on Friday night for the NWAOR's YPN Charity Casino Night!  There is no doubt in my mind that the success - & the
good mood of all our guests at the end of the evening - was based solely upon your wise guidance. On a personal note, I would not have been able to do it without you. Thank You!

Jesse-Sept. 2010/3 table Texas Hold'em Tournament
We called over half a dozen casino party companies, and you were, by far,  the most responsive and professional company. Most of the others would not even provide a tournament director for the
tournament. Thanks for taking the time and effort to help make our tournament and party so successful.

Kelly-Sept. 2010/40th birthday celebration with craps, black jack, and roulette tables.
I was worried that no one would want to play at the tables, but Amy explained how it works at the beginning of the party and invited everyone downstairs to the casino. It worked! We had virtually every
single person at our party playing at the tables. Amy even managed to squeeze in 11 players at her black jack tables. Thanks to Amy, Dave, and Vauna for making our party so fun.

Chris-April 2010/End of season company party with craps, black jack, and Texas hold'em tables.
You guys were great. Everyone had a fun time. We will be calling you back next year.

Danielle-April 2010/32nd annual fundraiser event with casino party including craps, roulette, and black jack tables.
Your dealers did a much better job of getting donations for our group than the company we used last year, and I think they had more fun with our guests as well. We would like to use you again next year
for our casino party. Please put us on your calendar.

Jennalynn-April 2010/3oth birthday party celebration with craps, black jack, and Texas hold'em tables.
You did an awesome and amazing job, and I so appreciate it. I'm sure you'll be getting some referrals from my friends that were at the party.

Toni-April 2010/Annual company awards banquet with craps, black jack, Texas hold'em tables, and dual Wii sport game tournaments
You obviously have a great deal of enthusiasm for your work, and it showed. Your company went well beyond our best expectations for the casino party.

Ed/Aubree-Mar. 2010/Baseball League fund-raiser casino night with craps, roulette, Texas hold'em and black jack tables.
We could not have made our fund-raiser work without you. You have been the heart of pulling this off! Your help and support means so much to us and we are truly grateful. Thank you for being there
for us.

Anna-Mar. 2010/Night club James Bond 007 birthday celebration with roulette, Texas hold'em, and black jack tables.
We called everyone, and not only were you the best price, you took the time to explain your services in detail, and did not rush us in our decision even though are party was just days away.  Your tables
felts are really nice, and the dealers were fun. Thanks!

Tauna-Mar. 2010/Fundraiser casino night with 8 tables-craps, roulette, Texas hold'em, and black jack tables.
It was a great event!  I thank you and your staff for the professionalism and great time that was offered!  I truly have not had a bad comment or anyone say that they did not have fun... GOOD JOB to you
and your staff!!!  It has been a pleasure working with you and hope that the board approves another event where we can work together.

Mandy-Feb. 2010/Model home casino party for agents with craps, roulette and black jack tables;
"Thanks for taking the time(and not charging us) for the decorating of the garage where we did the casino party. It surely added to the ambiance as you transformed our garage into an inviting and fun
casino atmosphere."
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