Our tables get full!! We don't use a
third unnecessary dealer that
takes up two valuable player spots!
Craps is taught here! Our
exclusive simplified odds system
makes it easy for the novice
players to jump right in
FUN and entertaining dealers
Premium modern felt
that match all of our
other gaming tables.
Player stools make for a user
friendly game that your guests can
comfortably enjoy.
We use a 6 deck dealer shoe to
minimize shuffling time and
maximize playing time at your
Fist bumps and thumbs up are
pretty standard at our parties. As we
"It's all about the fun!"
-Black Jack-
Our Super-Sized Blackjack table accommodates 7-9 players plus the dealer. These stool height tables, are built almost 50% larger than our standard tables so that extra players can be accommodated at this most
popular table game. Bigger is better, and our Blackjack tables always fill at our parties.

Our Standard-Sized Blackjack table accommodates 6-7 players plus the dealer. We use our standard line of Blackjack tables where space is at a premium, like at  your home casino party or in a tight venue environment.

All of our tables are built using premium contemporary table felts, full length dense rail padding,  and provided with
padded player stools, 11.5 gram regulation weight chips in six denominations, table games/rules signs, drink cup
holders, professional dealer shoes, full length silk style table skirting, table game and chip value signs, and our professionally attired, skilled and FUN dealers.

We are the only Utah company to provide player stools at all our Blackjack tables
. The others will make you stand all night at this table, or sit in a banquet chairs that they have to borrow from the venue, as they don't own any chairs or
stools for your tables. When you rent a table, shouldn't it come with player chairs or stools? We think so. We have provided our stools at hundreds of parties now all along the Wasatch front..

We have changed the odds to favor the players as we deal our own special (and loose) version of black jack called
“Utah 21”. We also play Royal Match in a special way that makes this the best bet in the casino.

Three sizes to choose from~8’,10’, and 12’ Craps tables to accommodate 8-18 players  depending on size chosen. Our dark hardwood table features a full perimeter players drink ledge, premium modern casino felt
design, genuine serialized casino dice, 11.5 gram regulation weight chips, professional rubber table bumpers, full length silk style table skirting, padded railing and player chip racks.

Our professionally attired, FUN, and experienced dealers are skilled at both teaching the novice players as well as keeping up with the action of the more experienced players at the table. Our exclusive simplified odds system makes it easier
for players to catch onto the game. Our table odds are the best you’ll find anywhere, giving the players the edge, so they beat the house regularly, unlike a real casino. Winners! Winners! Winners!

Quite often, the craps table becomes the most exciting table at the party, as the players learn, and become more skilled at the game, while we layer in the new bets and rules of the game throughout the evening. Soon, everyone has learned
the basics, and even some of the more advanced bets made in this exciting table game.    
Premium modern felt designs.
6" wide full perimeter drink ledges
so that your guests can bring their
refreshing beverages to the tables.
~Texas hold'em~
Our 8’full size Texas Hold’em table provides seating for 10 players plus the dealer. These are the largest capacity tables available, providing you with the best value with 2-4 extra player spots more than our
competitor’s smaller tables. Our larger tables and open blind schedule (come and go as you please...not tournament style) makes for a more fun and interactive game for your guests to enjoy.

These 10 player tables are built with full length dense rail padding, professional grade speed cloth or felt playing surfaces. We always provide 11 padded player/dealer chairs with chair covers, table sign, KEM/Copaq playing cards (best in
the world!),  dealer button, full length silk style table skirting, drink cup holders, and professionally attired,  FUN dealers.

Our bonus payout schedule used at this table provides a more exciting and FUN experience for the players as the house pays a bonus payout to any player with a hand of three of a kind or better. Even if you lose! This added incentive
keeps the money flowing, and the game exciting.

We can also integrate a hold'em tournament with your party, or as a stand alone event. We always provide Audio Visual equipment including large screen (for blind schedule countdown), tournament director to oversee the game, and of
course, tables with padded and covered chairs.
LOCAL experienced and FUN dealers.
We deal our unique game call
"Utah 21"
that is more fun, and has
better payouts than any casino on the
Professional and experienced
~These three dealers have
collectively dealt over 10,000 hands
of hold'em at our casino parties.

They are not only skilled at dealing,
but also helping the novice players
with this fun game that everyone has
seen, but rarely have the opportunity
to play in such a fun environment.
Our tables offer 10 player spots plus dealer position always include padded chairs.

Premium speed cloth or brushed felt playing surface  and thick padded rails with  "faux"
vinyl covering are standard on all of our tables.

Professional grade KEM/Copaq playing cards are always used at our hold'em tables.
Texas hold'em can be played open style, where you
come and go as you please, or tournament style at our
casino parties.

Our 8’casino sized Roulette table  is elevated to create a  “standing height” table that players won't have to lean over all night long. This table is provides spots and different colored playing chips for up to 11 players at this table.

Our casino quality tables come with all the standard features of our premium tables including modern felt designs, full length dense rail padding, regulation weight 11.5 grams playing chips, drink cup holders,18”wood/plastic wheel, casino
quality number markers, table signs,  and of course, our FUN and skilled  professionally attired dealers.

This game is a fun and simple game that can be taught to anyone very quickly. A couple of spins on the wheel as our dealers explain the game, and you’ll experience the excitement of this thrilling game.

We also offer our
6' Roulette table that provides up to 8 player spots for home parties and venues where space limitations occur.

Judy has dealt roulette at over 80 parties now and
knows how to make this table it's own little party.
Our tables are elevated to a 36" standing
playing surface so that you don't have to
lean over to play all night long like the 24" tables
our competitors provide.
We build all of our tables using state of the art digitized felt designs. These are not
felt designs from the sixties like our competitors tables use. Our tables give your party the
"WOW" factor!!!
~Specialty gaming tables~
Three Card Poker~Let it Ride~Ultimate Bonus hold'em~Pai Gow Poker~ BlackJack Switch
25-30 table parties for groups of 3-500 is not uncommon for us. We
provide 14 parties with over 25 tables last year alone. We quite often
do multiple parties in one night with our large inventory.

Our largest party was 52 tables for a group of about 1900 guests.
Gilbert has dealt over 100 casino
parties for us now. If you are not
having fun at his table, you'd better
check your pulse!
This fun games allows you to pull back
a bet after the dealer exposes one of
his cards, or you can
Let it Ride!
Three Card Poker is our most popular
specialty table games. You try to get you
best poker hand, but just with three cards.
Has a great bonus payout schedule, and in
this unique game, a straight beats a flush!!!
Add our specialty game tables into the mix at your party to offer extra variety and fun for your guests. Many people want to learn these games, but are intimidated
to play at a casino without any experience. This is the perfect forum for learning these games. In a non-intimidating gaming environment where the dealers are
actually helpful in teaching you the game.
Casino Quality Tables
We build our own tables exclusively for casino parties using only the finest materials available.  We don't use any store bought tables, that are simply not designed for large scale casino party usage.
Your guests will always be impressed with our casino presentation as they enter the room for your party. We also offer our exclusive guarantee of a completely set up party before your first guests arrive.

Our tables are built larger than our competitors so that you can have more space at each table for the players to play at. We guarantee more player spots per table than any other company.
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